Outcrowd. Now that’s what we call team spirit!
I remember very fondly the times, when everything first started. Paul and I were sitting in a small room and working on different freelance projects. That was a wonderful time, filled with happy moments and hope.That was the time when I realized that a good environment, understanding and support would help to make wonders and that the human factor played the key role in every company.

Here are a few fingers-crossed useful thoughts on this matter:

What makes us keep going?

I came to realizing one simple truth in life. Clarity and awareness in everything one does are crucial for achieving great results. In our Studio clarity is the main factor.

We have a clear vision of where we are moving. We understood how it was important to have clear positioning, that guides us to the strategic goal. This understanding has an influence not only on our ways of communication with clients, but also on the internal ways of communication. Our customers get not only material profit, but also something way bigger - our support and sense of value. This is one of the top principles, that makes us function as one whole, as one mechanism, that knows how to work effectively and get pleasure out of work. These values give meaning and make the process fun.

As a result, people in our team come to work earlier and leave later than needed based on their personal desire. That is great!

Our team principles

Here are our core principles that help us grow and be a super-team. We hope they would help you as well.

1. Our strength lies in unity.
We are united by common goals and values. We work together in keeping positive attitude in our team. Friendly atmosphere, moral and material motivation, desire to reach great results - all inspire us to work with enthusiasm and be proud of being a part of Outcrowd team. The corporate culture does not end in the office - common interests unite us outside of it as well. Each team member is involved in company’s plans, in the perspectives of development, where each one’s contribution matters. We motivate each team member not only to make things done, but to work with pleasure. Happy and united staff - is a guarantee of not having staff turnover and it is the best advertisement for a company. Team spirit starts with the leader of a company. I do my best to always be a good example for others.

2. We listen and hear
Each member of the team is an individuality. Every person has his own ideas and understanding how to do good work. Steve Jobs once said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do”. Our goal is to be able to hear and understand each other. Hearing requires patience and restraint. However, good relationships in a team, trust and respect are fundamental for the development of each and every business.

3. We value each team member
It is not as difficult to attract good personnel as withhold it. Fighting to get the best professionals, big companies attract staff by promising good working environments, all kinds of rewards and entertainments. However, it is not possible to use the advantages if people do not wish to communicate with each other outside of the office. Taking care of team members is more than a material investment. Firstly, it is creating an atmosphere where every person would be valued, worthy of respect and recognition. This is an investment in personal future of each member: a possibility of professional and career growth, a chance for everyone to bring to the table their own contribution, open different perspectives in our company. We value each person,what makes them stronger and more confident and, as a result, make the entire team stronger.

4. We have fun together
Team spirit is built not only while working together on different projects, but also it is built through communication outside of work. Corporate events can be entertaining or educating. The choice is made by taking into account each one’s preferences: we value differences between people since it makes us unique. Great organized events build corporate culture and motive the staff as well as bring wellness to the entire company. Interesting leisure - is the key for being productive in our team.

5. We are willing to solve problems
It is not possible to avoid having problems in the working process. Conflicts and issues are to arise in every big and small company. In order to avoid big loss, a problem is to be solved on an early stage. Even small troubles can have negative consequences. That is why they require attention and objective examination.

When having big issues, before taking any decisions, it is necessary to get the entire team together and discuss the situation. It is always easier to find solutions while having a team discussion. Team members would realize their value to the common task.

6. We welcome positive criticism
We strive to take criticism positively and feel a difference between constructive and unconstructive ones. Positive criticism is a fuel of good changes, while the negative one slows down the work. Any criticism is a reason to stop and analyze the situation. Staying polite and respectful with each other is a way of solving every problem.

7. We know our goals
We have a strong vision of what our team is going for and what we want to achieve. Our team members strive to reach the goals like every sports team is interested in winning a game. It is crucial to understand the mission in general and also your personal contribution to its achievement. Desire to make clear goals, introduce team members to the strategy and company’s tasks helps us to move in one direction.

8. We are opened to changes
We are a team of creative individuals who are opened to inner and outer changes. We are ready to grow, improve and change. Every team member in our company strives to new openings and achievements, to new knowledge and experience. We develop way-out thinking, innovative spirit, artistic skills. We cultivate positive approach to the world and take negative things as a chance for growth. These are not only words - this is where we stand. This is what unites us, helps to overcome all bumps and go for success. As the team leader, I strive to inspire everyone to move forward and never give up!